101 Tips For Becoming A Better Developer

Harley Ferguson
81 ratings

"101 tips that will turn you into a 10x developer."

Unlock your full potential with 101 expert tips to elevate your skills and take your career to the next level.

How will this book help you?
In 101 Tips For Becoming A Better Developer, tech lead and CEO, Harley Ferguson, highlights the most important tips that any developer needs to know.

This book is filled with 101 expert tips, each accompanied by a quick and easy-to-understand explanation, making it the perfect resource for busy developers who want to improve their craft without dedicating hours to reading lengthy technical manuals.

This book is a simple roadmap that outlines what you should focus on as a developer. You'll be able to easily consume and quickly apply the teachings in this book so that you can make sure you're becoming a great developer.

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  • 25 Tips For Junior Developers
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An additional 75 tips, all focused on specific points of your career, guaranteed to help take you from one role to the next.

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101 Tips For Becoming A Better Developer

81 ratings
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